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Tea with Tree Video - Nectar & Bumble

This isn't really a blog post as such; it is more of a signpost to my latest video. I recently filmed my second one, which featured items I'd bought from Nectar & Bumble, one of the wonderful companies that supports the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Nectar & Bumble are a small UK based company, formed out of a love of bees and wanting to support them. A mission I can entirely get on board with. They sell homeware, natural skincare and gifts and it is BEE THEMED! I do get rather excited about such things. I set myself a budget of £50 to buy bits to review and I think I came in just under, at £45. Nectar & Bumble were very sweet and popped in a couple of little extras to thank me for spotlighting them - details are in the video.

When editing it I realised quite how many times I made the point of wanting to be clear about which imagery relates to bumblebees and which to honeybees - obviously Nectar & Bumble are fully aware of the difference between the two. I suspect I'm now 'subconsciously programmed' to clarify on bumblebees/ honeybees simply because getting the correct message 'out there' is one of the mountainous challenges we face. Every time I make a video I re-watch and critique myself; hopefully I won't be quite such a bore on this issue going forward!

Details of the items featured are here (prices & availability correct as of Dec 2020):

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1 Comment

Dec 06, 2020

Well Done Tree! I enjoyed your presentation and will be buying a few things from Nectar and Bumble next week. I find that many people confuse honey bees with wasps too!

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